What to Expect When You Visit U|C
Some Quick Details and Explanations

Quick Details

  • We are a small but growing church.
  • Our services start at 10:00 am and last between 75 and 90 minutes.
  •  Refreshments are typically available before the service, free of charge.
  • Bibles are actively used and readily available for you.
  • Kids are welcome! They can sit with you, or we have a space in the back of the sanctuary with quiet activities. However, a dedicated time and place for them during the service are coming soon.
  • Communion is served each week.

Expect Comfortable - We realize coming to a church for the first time can be a bit uncomfortable, especially at a small church. While true, we want you to feel at home quickly. We will do our best to help you feel like you've come to visit a friend's house. Wear what you'd wear to a friend's house. Talk like you'd talk at a friend's house. Be who you'd be at a friend's house. We hope that we will feel like friends by the time you leave the service.

Expect Music - Music connects with our minds and emotions differently than a teaching time will. Therefore, every Sunday service will include music because we believe it helps our whole being to be engaged in our experience of Jesus' love and hope. We use hymns and contemporary church songs. Currently, we sing with recorded music and lyrics projected on screens. We are working to include live musicians on a regular basis soon.

Expect Prayer - Prayer is simply having a conversation with God. We believe God loves us and gives us hope as we engage with him as friends. We pray because we like talking with him as our friend. We also believe God cares about and impacts our lives and the world. Therefore, we share our cares and concerns with him, trusting that he cares for us and works lovingly for our greatest good.

Expect Discussion - One thing that makes Uncommon Church uncommon is our Sunday morning teaching format. We interact with and about the Bible together, believing that the Bible is our guide for life and godly living. We are working to help one another understand the Bible in better ways. While our pastor guides our understanding, he also makes time for questions and comments and encourages our interaction during the service.

Expect Communion - Communion is a simple weekly reminder of the love and hope of Jesus Christ. We use crackers and juice to remind us of the body and blood of Christ that he willingly gave for us so that we can have a friendship with God through faith in Jesus. Typically this is passed out to everyone who wants to partake and then we partake of each element together as a congregation.